G & G Farms is a family operation with a long-standing commitment to quality, service, and integrity.  After World War II, both Acie and his father Pearl Gunnels moved to the San Luis Valley.  Once here, they started a land leveling and construction business.  They started farming in the early 1950's.  Pearl and Acie grew their first potato crop in 1954 where they farmed one hundred sixty acres.  They rotated with alfalfa and silage corn to feed livestock .  Acie Gunnels continued the operation through the early eighties.  Doug Gunnels took over in the mid eighties after graduating from the University of Colorado in 1981. 


    The San Luis Valley, home of Gunnels Farms, is located in the south central part of Colorado. The elevation is 7600 feet above sea level. The valley is nestled between the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the east and the San Juan Mountains on the west. We have a semi-arid climate condition with cool nights and warm days throughout the ninety day growing season.


    At Gunnels Farms we consistently plant between seven hundred fifty and one thousand two hundred acres of potatoes per year.


We irrigate our potatoes with center pivot sprinkler systems for consistent high yield and quality.


    During the growing season a rigorous, integrated pest management system is implemented with a twice-a-week scouting by an independent consulting firm.


    Our seed program starts in our own lab and greenhouse facilities. We then proceed to the field where we evaluate varieties for yield, vine type, tuber set, maturity, percent of number ones, fertility management and storability for evaluation to establish optimal growing and storing programs with 10 to 12 different cultivars including our own high performing  selection's and proprietary varieties  We try to have most of the popular russet varieties and some of the new ones coming along that show promise. We also propagate proprietary varieties by contract for other growers


    All new varieties are evaluated for two years at the generation one and generation two level. The first two years' evaluation gives us a chance to learn all the intricacies of raising the new varieties.


    When it  comes time to plant the generation three we narrow our varieties down to a minimum of four and a maximum of eight. This allows us to use our storage to its maximum capability.


    We have 300,000  cwt modern controlled environment storage to maintain high quality throughout the storage period. This storage is located within 1.5 miles from the fields. We can ship September through June in bulk or mini-bags (22 cwt.).

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